Microstack GPS

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Microstack GPS fitted on Raspberry Pi
Microstack GPS fitted on Raspberry Pi

What you need to know

Harness the power of satellites to know exactly where you are, and globally, wirelessly synchronize your time to the accuracy of an atomic clock! Being part of the Microstack family you know getting started couldn't be simplier or easier.
Satelite connectivity
Low power
Accurate timekeeping
Logging facilities
Speed tracking
Accurate to 5m

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Tech specs

  • Power 2.8V to 4.3V
  • Acquisition mode 25mA
  • Tracking mode 20mA
  • AlwaysLocate™ mode 3mA
  • Update interval 1Hz up to 10Hz
  • Operating Temp -40° to 85°
  • 1575.42 MHz receiver — 22 Channel Tracking, 66 Channel Acquisition
  • Max altitude 18km
  • Typical PPS accuracy <15ns
  • Serial interface, 4800bps to 115200bps, 9600 by default

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