The Team

Dr. Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson is passionate about education and runs workshops and training sessions for all levels of experience, from design engineers to teachers and school children. His projects with Raspberry Pi have appeared in the national press and on ITV, Channel 5 and BBC television.

He is an Honorary Research Fellow of the University of Manchester, where previously he completed his PhD in low power embedded processors.

Andrew can trace his enthusiasm for electronics and computers back to building a working model lighthouse aged 5.

Andrew's book, Raspberry Pi Projects published by Wiley is packed full of fun projects to make with a Raspberry Pi.

Thomas Preston

Thomas first realised he had a passion for electronics when he started pulling apart expensive toys to see how they work. He also became interested in developing open-source software after feeling bad for freeloading for so many years. After seeing so many people inspried by PiFace and Raspberry Pi he now wants to continue bringing technology and people together.

Thomas Macpherson-Pope

Thomas enjoys developing projects for the PiFace range and has a keen interest in education. He plays with laser cutters and 3D printers in his spare time. After having been an avid Arduino enthusiast, he was online at 4am trying to get one of the first Raspberry Pis, though he sadly missed out on the first batch.